How Do You Know You Are Winning? A #GamerGate Story

I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to write on this again so soon, but I was pointed to a rather disgusting practice that surfaced recently involving this story, or rather people who oppose it. If you pay attention to this story, you already how traffic to the websites still standing on how gamers are shit is taking a nose dive, while others who have adjusted their ethics (shout out to Escapist, Gametrailers, and everyone with the Defy Media company) in the name of integrity on their site are instantly doing much better.

But now we have individuals who have made it their mission to make a movement about journalist integrity look as misogynistic as possible… by selling off coveted game codes.

In what SHOULD be unrelated news, Nintendo has released a limited number of codes for demo (and possibly full, but I can’t be sure of that) copies of Super Smash Bros for both the WiiU and the 3DS. And while many reviewers have talked excitedly about getting into their first games, there are others who didn’t use them. They took to twitter and other like sites to give them away… in return for posting tweets like “I <3 rape #GamerGate” and ”taking away my right to beat up whores in GTA is unconstitutional #Gamergate" . These people are literally SO DESPERATE to make a movement look bad, they are actually giving away one of the biggest freebies of the year with a limited run to try to ruin what is perhaps one of the best things gamers have done for themselves in years.

And while there are some (including the collected link I am supplying) suggesting this is Zoe Quinn’s work, I am not so sure. I honestly think we are dealing with a group of people who are desperate to protect their favorite writers (most likely for political beliefs) and that’s that. Still, to tie this to the title of the story, when this is the level the opposition is willing to go to in the name of slandering your movement, you know your movement is working and is winning.

But to push even further, allow me to say something right now to all the SJWs who are in this fight and all my fellow gamers who support #GamerGate… all of this is pure bullshit: nothing more then a kabuki dance to entertain those on the outside looking in. The real fight is being won at the core of the issue, and it is being done by the collective gaming community turning away from the sites that basically told us we need to go away and die off. To quote Mundane Matt, they wanted radio silence from us, and they are getting it. That lack of traffic will be how we win, as they will see how without their audience they so shunned, they simply can no longer function. I leave you now with his latest words on it all.

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