Extra Life Update: 10/23/2014

Well, Extra Life is now coming up fast as this Saturday gamers the world over will be playing for the kids, having a great time as we do what we do best in their names, honor, and to help them in their times of need. And so far, we are doing an incredible job!

As I type, we have already broken $2,500,000 in donations as a community as we rev up for what is turning out to be the biggest Extra LIfe yet! And before we continue, I would like to take this chance to thank everyone playing and donating. This is simply amazing and I personally am humbled to even be able to say I’m taking part in something so amazing. But the time to donate has not ended yet, we are always looking to bring more in, so if you want to help, please feel free to donate here. And if you are interested in helping out, well thank you! The thermometer will take you to our page where you can donate to anyone playing as part of the Red Sector team. And if are interested in entering a raffle for a bundle of PC games, you can follow this link and see what we have to offer.

However, in addition to the normal updates, it’s time to begin planning what we are doing for the big day, and that is the big thing I’m here to talk about. As of right now, we have two Twitch streams that we will be gaming in on that day. You can see us in the following places:

My Twitch Stream

Greg’s Twitch Stream

Joe’s Xbox Name’s Stream

And what game’s will we be playing? Greg will be focusing on single player games while I will be focusing on multiplayer, featuring a full-length run of Crimson Dragon on the XBox One with my co-writer Joe’s Xbox Name. Of course where possible we will be available in the twitch chat of our respective channels.

And with that, we will see you in a few days! Come join us!

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