Beginning the New Year Proper with Extra Life 2016

You know the drill by now. Every year we have been here at the Red Sector, we have taken part in the amazing event that is Extra Life. Normally it would be a few months before we announced we were taking part, but that changes this year as Extra Life is officially becoming a year-round event!

And as of posting this entry we at Extra Life are making our entry official early as well. As of today, the team has been setup and we will begin collecting our team to help kids again in 2016. Last year this site had a hallmark year, bringing in $600! Can we match or beat that record? Well we sure as hell are going to try... and to do so, we will need your help.

How can you help? Well we have two ways you can do so. First and best would be to get involved. With just the help of ordinary people like you and me, the event managed to bring in over $8,000,000 just last year, and over $21,000,000 to date! All you need to do to become a part of this is to sign up on the official website:
  1. Go to
  2. If you were an Extra Lifer in a previous event, click login and log into the site. This will allow the site to restore your information from your previous event to this year's.
  3. Click Join and (if necessary) fill in the information.
  4. Now that you are part of Extra life 2016, it's time to get donations. Ask your friends and family... see if you can put up messages at work... post on your blog or in forums you belong to. You can also go to the Extra Life forum for ideas and to network with many of your fellow Extra Lifers to make the big day even more special.
If you can't play, you can always donate to a team you like and/or is playing for a hospital you want to back. If that team is us, you completely honor us, but whoever you donate to, you are helping us all with one of the best causes out there. Donating to us is as simple as:
  1.  Click on the "Make a Donation" button under the Extra Life thermometer on the right side of this site
  2. Click on the Roster tab
  3. Select the gamer you would like to donate in the name of and click them.
  4. Click on the Support Me button and fill in the information.
 Please note if you plan to donate to another team, you can do so by going to the Extra Life webpage and searching for them by name.
And of course we plan to do few extras for the event just as we have in the past. I can assure you a raffle will occur, but at this moment I am still working through details, so I will have to give more information later. The only thing I know for certain is when the official day is announced, we will be streaming for the event and that night we will be giving away a massive batch of games to one donator, so as with last year, we must ask you to PLEASE let the player you donate to on our team see your email. If you win we will need it to send you your games.

So let's make 2016 the biggest year yet! Game on, my friends!

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