GreenLight Special

And here is another new series we are starting on the Red Sector. As you most likely know, Valve has recently introduced a system in which users can collectively tell them what games they wish to see on Steam. In this article we will go through five select games currently waiting to be “greenlighted” and why they should get some special attention. If you agree with us, your upvote could be the one that lets us all see these games on a platform many PC users enjoy. But enough of an explanation… let’s get started!

Melody’s Escape: Have you played Bit.Trip.Runner yet? If not, I’m sure you remember hearing about it. You probably even wondered why it could be so popular. But as cool as it was, there was room for improvement. Like all music rhythm games, it always seems the best way to do that is to let you generate levels based on the music on your system already. That is exactly why I found the idea of this game compelling, and the trailer showed just how well this game just that, and with the a rather nice selection by the author, no less.


Alpha Kimori: Great Doubt: Here we have a title leaning a lot more towards classic JRPG. Choosing an aesthetic that shines with old-style 16-bit charm, and anime-inspired look and story, the game has definitely drawn our attention here. It doesn’t appear to do anything that hasn’t been done before, but considering the era it’s imitating, that may not necessarily be a bad thing!


Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator: Wow… this is it guys. This is THE big game of the week for those of us at Red Sector among all the games we saw on Greenlight. Imagine turning your living room into the bridge of the U.S.S. YOUR SHIP NAME HERE, cause that is exactly what this game is about. Organize a team of your friends for a lan party, pick your rolls on the bridge (including captain), and get ready to fly through space. The fate of your crew is in your hands.


Dawnstar: A little bit of GTA, a little bit of Freelancer, and a music taste straight out of Cowboy Bebop, Dawnstar looks promising to the fan of games like, well, Freelancer and StarFox in me, as well as the promise of an quirky, but solid sounding storyline points this game out for a fun time. And this being the second space-flight game we’ve seen on greenlight ever (not including the one above where you need 6 players to play), it simply had to be included. Here’s to hoping it looks as good as the trailers are promising!


The Cat Lady: With the taste in horror games being promised left and right on Greenlight right now, something has to be really special to get our attention like this, and this game just might be it. The Cat Lady is a point and click adventure game about a 40-year-old woman who has 5 psychopaths trying to kill her… if she doesn’t kill them first. This is NOT a game for the faint of heart and in fact promises to be a very disturbing affair about surviving in a kill or be-killed competition between you and your would-be killers. For those who enjoy the macabre, this may well be a game you shouldn’t pass up.


And with that, our first edition of The Greenlight Special is complete. If any of these games sounded good to you, we encourage you to get on your Steam account and vote to have them added to the Steam Library. In the meantime, we will be back next week where random queues will again, lead us to pick out 5 that stand out and show you just what excites and just plain interests us in the games that we could all have access to, if we choose it.

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