Noted Releases II

Well it’s that time again, and we are ready with a few more interesting titles that have come around to gamers. Once again, some are brand new, and some have been around, but are now available in places they were not before… but all are interesting in their own right. So please, have a look, and check out anything you find more interesting….


Crysis 3: Perhaps the biggest game on our radar for a while came out last week. Crysis 3 stomped out with the intention of showing just what modern hardware can do, and has achieved that in spades. However and far more importantly though, it has done so proving to many reviewers there is a solid, albeit short game backing the raw power of the game. So how is the game itself? I will let you know when I get to it. It’s in my most immediate list, and really only delayed because the game I'm currently playing (Xenoblade Chronicles) is so long. But I will be playing the PC version myself for what it’s worth. Just be warned, this game runs ONLY in DirectX 11, so make sure you have a card that supports that before you play. The box lists the minimum specs to reflect that. This game is currently available just about everywhere on just about everything… just about because, as seems to the case as of late, EA and Valve are not getting along, and the game was not planned for Nintendo’s newest machine… You won’t find this game on Steam, or the WiiU.


Metal Gear Rising: Revengence: Another launch that is doing well by critics to come up this week was the new Metal Gear. Platinum games has gone just as over-the-top as they are known to go and created an action game that looks true to the world of Metal Gear, but is about the melee combat instead with insane situations. Again, relatively short game, clocking in at 6-8 hours, but still if you like this studio, you just might want to check this out. Available on PS3 and 360 only, you will find this game pretty much anywhere you buy video games.


DayZ (mod): Yeah, I know, DayZ has been around for a long time now… in fact a lot of people currently only own the PC game ARMA II because they wanted to play this mod… a lot of people, judging by how often ARMA II is in the top 10 sold games for the platform. But this week, people looking to do this just got an easier time of it, as Valve has added the mod officially to Steam. No more downloads from multiple places. It’s all there for you in what is generally seen as the choice social network on PC, even when not the choice digital retailer.

To further increase the ease of use, ARMA II, it’s expansion Operation Arrowhead, and the new page for DayZ ALL explain what you need to play it (all 3). This should make accessing the game that much easier for all who havent done so yet, but would like to try. Obviously, all of this is available anywhere it was before, but as said before, now you can grab it all on steam in one go rather then roaming the web for the mod once you had the game.

Video courtesy of CrustyOldGamers


Age of Conan: Unchained: And finally, we have one other not so new game, but one that joins the ever-growing line-up of F2P gaming available to Steam users. Age of Conan has been officially added. Standing out as a unique game in the MMO realm due to the detail reserved for melee combat, this may well be something to check out. Frankly, I have to admit, I have heard so little about this I thought the game had closed, so seeing it not only alive, but join one of the biggest distributors on PC grabbed my attention quickly. And while this is not a must play or a new game, it could be worth your time if you are waiting for the next big game… or sale, as things tend to go in the Steam world.

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