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We’ve been thinking here at the Red Sector, and while we clearly have spent time talking about current news in gaming and what might happen depending on how it goes, we spend shockingly little time in the Now of gaming. And with 2013 already exploding out of the gates, this is a bit of a shame. To remedy this, we are beginning two new series of articles. The first of which you are about to enjoy, as we go over the releases that caught our eye, for whatever reason. Some will be for good, others for bad, but all to give you a heads up on what we have seen. Now, without any further adieu, let’s see the releases of this week.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – Unfortunately, we do need to start our opening article on a bad note… a very very very bad note. This is a game, that too be quite honest I was looking forward to. I was looking forward to a side-plot which may not add a lot to the cannon, but would feel like Aliens… and the demo Gearbox showed us looked like it was going to be everything we could have wanted. (Hosted from the Machinima channel.)

Do you get excited just watching this? I know I did… but this was the last thing we saw for a while… until the game launched. Sadly, someone was sold a bill of goods, be it us as consumers or Sega as a publisher. Reviews have lambasted this game and even the video review from Gametrailers looks nothing like this “demo.”

But to get how badly someone got ripped off, please have a look at the special episode of JimQuisition made in the middle of the week… because he was that upset with how bad this game turned out to be vs how good we were all promised. Im going to go with his advice and not reward such outright lying. While it available pretty much anywhere on everything, I recommend you avoid it too.

Y’s I & II Chronicles -  A classic series I honestly remember playing back in the day when my little brother bought it for the PC. I didn’t get too much into it back then, but an interest in the old classics sure brought me back, and I picked it up. What am I expecting? Well, this is an old-school action-RPG the likes of which we would expect to help set the stage for what consoles expected in adventure games, right along with the classics like The Legend of Zelda. You can find this game available for your PSP or on Steam.

System Shock 2 -  Now here is a game that I have a serious history with. Shortly after it launched back in 1999, it was mine shortly after. I had played through and loved System Shock a few years before, but looking back, I can tell you the original game probably aged terribly and is probably unplayable by today’s standard.

But System Shock 2, in it’s own right, stands as a beloved game by many who will to this day do all kinds of unholy acts to make it work on their modern PCs… or keep a Windows 9X one around just for it…. but has made the need for such actions no longer necessary by updating it to work on modern OSs and offering it for sale again. If you played Bioshock, you played a game that amounts to basically a tribute by the same studio who made this masterpiece to their past. You can find it on the above link.

All in all, I would call this a good week for gaming, but this month is still young, and with all the game delayed to not compete with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 starting to surface, we should see a lot more great potential surfacing! Happy gaming everyone!

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