From the "Yes, These Morons Exist Files" The New "Metroid"

How many times do we have to do this dance, people? Seriously, I want to know. Last time I had to write on something similar to this, it was assholes who couldn't stand that people who weren't using their choice piece of plastic were going to get the chance to play Grand Theft Auto V. Since then, we have had at least 3 major attempts to remove games from markets, but over ideological/political reasons, most of which were in the past few months and by people freakishly dedicated to believing their narrative. I just don't expect anything more well reasoned from them and in fact, I fully expect more of this bullshit as major games from E3 like the new Doom get closer to release.

But at actual gamers who are passionate about the game and not some social bullshit seemed to have learned better, right? After all, when the closest thing I can see since that petition was public outrage from the same group that PCs using Windows 10 won't have to pay to use XBL Gold like they do, it would seem the community has realized it was a bad idea and do not want to do it again, right? Right?

Wrong. Following the Nintendo E3 digital event, there was a new uproar. And while I will agree, the presentation was silly as hell (the big three personalities of Nintendo as muppets dancing around between sections of the presentation? Really, Nintendo?), the uproar I'm talking about is a little title they announced called Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Basically we have Metroid fans who immediately shot this game down on site because of the art style and that "Samus never showed up in the debut! She's not in a Metroid game!" In their eyes, this was not so much a title in the franchise, but a game with the name slapped on it to garner sales from fans desperate for a new Metroid to play. And while I don't really think we know enough to make that call yet, it was the next step I saw hit the internet that I'm writing to talk about: There is a petition to cancel the game before it get's released in the name of preventing the franchise's name from being tarnished... and in just four days, it already has just under 18,000 signatures.

Excuse me, but since WHEN do we decide a game should not be made like this? What kind of entitled little shits can not stand the idea that a game is in production and just want to have it ended before it has a chance to show if it's good or not. And by the way, I speak as a Metroid fan myself... one who walked away disgusted with the bullshit Team Ninja dropped on us with Other M, but I would never have told Nintendo not to make it. As much as it sucked and I will say that freely, the game is their creation and they have the right to make and sell such a steaming pile of suck to anyone that wants to buy it. Hell, I would have called it a bad entry and let it all go, if Nintendo hadn't literally removed the Metroid Prime series from the franchise's main timeline to make room for it. THAT was basically telling fans of the 3D Metroid games their favorites no longer matters, and that was worth getting a little ticked off with Nintendo for. This? This is more confusing then anything. (After all, they basically told their audience the Prime series was a spin-off, so why are they giving it any focus at all? It's kinda a mixed message for this "spin off.")

But to the point, demanding someone never get the chance to make a game because "I don't like it" is just plain childish as fuck, I really can say nothing more or less then this. If the game interests you (and seeing it in action I was instantly reminded of combat from the original Prime game, so yes, you can count me as at least paying attention now), keep an eye out and if you want to play it, do so! That's what it's there for. If you don't like what you see, well your role here is easier then anyone's... don't get it. If you want to explain why, an email to Nintendo's PR will do nicely. Enough come in and believe me, they will pay attention. That's how companies like this keep in business, after all, and maybe the next Metroid game will cater better to your wants. BUT to outright demand that they don't release a game is just dumb, as you deny the developers who's work went into it as well as the gamers who have an interest in it, all because you are the kind of asshole who can't stand games you don't like existing.

Boy does that sound familiar to certain ongoing events, does it not? Fuck off.

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