Extra Life 2005: Update III

This one is going to be a but quicker then previous updates, but with news this good, I couldn't just say nothing. Friends, we are officially heading for yet another record breaking year!

If you don't know what it is, Extra Life is a yearly event in which gamers from around the world raise money to help children's hospitals (via the Children's Miracle Network), and last night, we all got to hear from Doc himself (the man who started this event with Sarcastic Gamers back in 2008 and even now still heads it up while working at the CMN) that as of yesterday, we broke yet another record. Last year at this time, we had raised over $1,000,000 and the event itself went on to expand that to over $5,500,000 for children the world over. And while we haven't hit that high yet, we have already doubled where we were at this point last year,already hitting $2,000,000! And this train isn't slowing down any time soon!

If you are already signed up and collecting for these kids or have already donated to help them out, seriously take a moment and bask this in. This is your collective doing, and so far you have done more this year then EVER before. If you have not and are a gamer, please, why not join us for one of the most positive events ever! It's not to late to sign up yourself and bring something to the table to help sick children the world over. Come join by clicking here to get to the Extra Life main page and sign up!

Of course if you don't want to do that or you are not into gaming yourself, you can still take part in what looks to be another huge year to help out by donating to the cause. If you want to do so through us, it's as easy as clicking the big red thermometer on the left of the page.... or you can search for a team you want to donate to on the Extra Life page itself! And if you are a gamer who wants to help this way, keep in mind, we are running a raffle for donations. So if you are interested in helping out and trying to win 30 PC games on steam, you might want to check out our previous article explaining how.

See you all there!

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