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I should have seen this coming... I really should have. After all, this is the internet and Steam is arguably one of (if not the) biggest online community these days. After all, as I write this the most people logged into it at the same time has broken 11,000,000 within the past 2 days.... not have accounts, but simultaneously logged in. And we all know on the internet that forums for anyone able to say they are huge online will always have large doses of stupid injected into them.

So with the eventual re-release of Batman Arkham Knight on PC announced for a few days from now, I should have seen the argument coming before hand. Obviously there are a lot of gamers still pissed off at WB and will rail on them every chance they get, this being one of them. And while I understand the sentiment, I don't understand the waste of time.

I mean personally, I decided I'm done with them. It was not a tough choice considering the only things they had that I was really into were the FEAR series, which they promptly ruined trying to get into that sweet sweet F2P micro-transaction market, and the new Gauntlet, which while I haven't played it yet, was already in my library when this shit hit fan. It wasn't with a brewing hate or anger that I chose this. Just simply they gave me reason not to trust them or their products by going so far in their attempts to cover up how bad it was in the name of pre-order cash that they were willing to change the system requirements 2 hours before release on a game being pre-ordered for months. That was lying about their product and trying to cheat their customers. It is a sad day when you have to seriously start outright blacklisting publishers from the selfish perspective that you can't be sure you will get what is advertised, but this is the day we live in now.

But that aside, the re-release also brought out another argument I am honestly far more stunned with. Here we are four months later and people online began asking if WB will try to repair it's reputation by giving away the DLC for the game for free to anyone, be it customers who held onto the game while this all went down or new customers who WB will want to have come back and buy their game at full price even though it's been available elsewhere for months. Personally, I think it's the least they can do if after the bullshit they pulled someone is willing to at least give them another chance, but as I said, they really have a lot of work to do to repair their reputation on the platform. It won't fix anything, but at least it would be a good step forward to show some good-will.

And the reaction I'm seeing, well... really should have seen it coming. Gamers are outright pissed, calling such a question (or even demand in some cases) entitlement. After all, if THEY bought the game and the season pass (aka already paid for DLC not out yet) and THEY didn't return it, why should someone else get what they paid for for free? Seriously, this mentality is one of the top discussions on the game right now. And sadly, I've seen this reaction before.... quite recently in fact.

You see, before Guild Wars core went F2P, ArenaNet had made the choice already to not charge anyone who buys the expansion for the core game anyway. The idea was that they wanted to keep all players in the current version of the game with a lower entry point, but this pissed off some of their veteran players who felt that since "the new guys were getting the main game free and I had to spend an extra $50 on it three years ago, you owe me!" In both cases I have the exact same message.


Seriously... just do it. In both cases we are looking at whiny little assholes who basically can't stand that since they couldn't wait to get into something, someone else is getting a better deal on the same game. And I speak as someone who has Guild Wars 2 sitting on my shelf and WILL be buying the expansion. I've had 3 whole god-damned years to play that game and watch it evolve... so no, I don't feel cheated at all. If anything I feel kinda disgusted at how common the "THEY got a deal some time later, so what are you going to give me?" is.

And while have no interest in buying Arkham Knight, I understand they will be dealing with people from my position, others who want the game and can't wait, and yet and others who will be on the fence about buying. Should WB decide to entice new players to consider overlooking the bullshit that happened by offering them content they would have otherwise had to pay for, that's their business. If you paid for it and decided the game was good enough for you already rather then return it like so many had, well... you get what YOU actually did pay for. YOU decided it was acceptable. I honestly have no sympathy for you. And to now go crying that people asking if they will do that are "Entitled" I find downright stupid and petty. Sorry you fucked up and now regret not saving a few bucks, but... well... you fucked up. It's not even like you couldn't join the deluge of refunders who proved just how good for us all that policy is literally weeks after Steam set it into motion and corrected your mistake. You just didn't, and to now be greedily looking at what others who did (or maybe even didn't jump right way, but watched to see if they wanted in or not) "might" get is fucking pathetic. Take a moment, think about it, and kindly just shut the fuck up.

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