Mass Effect 3: Leviathan (PC) Review

Well, I did it. I finally caved and bought the 2nd expansion to Mass Effect 3. I didn’t expect to do this when I first finished the game. It was awesome, but I just didn’t feel like it needed more. I still don’t, but I wanted more… and the promise of finding out a little bit more about the reapers was something I ultimately couldn’t turn down. So was it worth it? Why don’t you step inside….

Story: Something big has happened… as in holy shit big. The body of a reaper was discovered floating through space with no records of it’s death recorded. Something out there is a Reaper Killer! And it’s now up to Commander Shepard to find it.

But of course it wouldn’t be worthy of the Commander if it was that simple, would it? The thing knows it’s being hunted, and it will do anything in it’s power to prevent you or anyone else from ever finding it. And when it not only killed a reaper, but shows similar powers over others to them, this could complicate the matter.

While the story-line here is only a few hours long, it does not lack for content. You will find yourself surprised that you didn’t reach the end a couple of times before the ultimate and frankly insanely epic conclusion occurs. Yes, it’s a short ride, but enjoy it. It’s a great one. (And for those who still think the ending sucked, this will explain it more… without going into the indoctrination theory…. but explaining how would ruin the absolutely epic ending to be had here.)

Graphics: What did you think of Mass Effect 3’s look? Because you wont get anything really different here. This is DLC after all. However, that is not to say it wont impress you. The locations added to the game here are absolutely gorgeous in their own right, and save the absolute best for the absolute last. Get ready to be wowed by the look of this game again.

Sound: Bioware did what they do best here. Every character in the game so far, including the Prothean you had to get From Ashes to have, is accounted for in the story, allowing for conversations between characters that feel natural, no matter who goes on what parts of the adventure with you. This will lead to some amusing commentaries as well as in character responses to everything that happens.

Aside from that, however, there is really nothing new here. All the music and sound effects are pretty much out of Mass Effect 3.

Gameplay: I really can’t say much about the gameplay that hasn’t been said. For the most part, this DLC is just more Mass Effect, and it plays exactly as you would expect. There is a nice edition where a few points allow you to use detective work to cut down how much you need to fling yourself around the galaxy by pinpointing the location you need to go, but aside from that, it’s more of the same…. not that that’s a bad thing.

Bugs: Not one was found in my time playing through this game. Considering From Ashes came with a potentially game-crashing bug, this was a much better job.

Overall: If you enjoyed Mass Effect 3, you really should get this. It’s short, but it’s surprisingly good and will leave you on an appropriately epic tone. Well worth the price of admission.

Source: Origin game add-ons (must have the game to access it)

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