Weekly Round up: 11/7/12

Welcome back for yet another round of gaming news. Of course with the election that just happened, I'm sure most people will think of this as minor as they either elate or despair the results. But that does not mean gaming hasn’t had it’s share of amazing news in the past week. I think it’s about time we talk about it.

Something stinks in Gamestop: And as it happens, this something is not how they treat customers or publishers. It’s a former VP who has recently pled guilty to embezzlement charges! When their top guys were literally criminals, I guess their reputation makes sense.

Star Citizen: Not for the Current Gen: While this will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen the game, Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame is claiming this game is beyond the ability of modern consoles. And while this isn’t exactly new, the details supplied are. I have been claiming for a while now the RAM limitations of the devices are their bottleneck, but I do have to take notice when a famed game developer backs my case…. and isn’t someone just trying to excuse their failing sales in most of their games.

Wolfenstein is getting a movie... again: The project was on hold… because the writer/director was in jail for a DWI and manslaughter. But having paid bail, he’s now back on the job. I'm kinda nervous about the idea of this game being a movie, especially after DooM, but even so… I feel bad that my first impulse was to make a bad joke about dying in vein.

WiiU demonstration units out now! If you are still on the bench about the machine, select stores can now help you decide. Just like every other console in existance, demo machines are now out! Reportedly in Gamestops and Targets, I happened to find one of these myself this week. Sadly, my yay/ney vote is still not settled due to the only game I could try being Rayman and the videos basically turned out to be just a few pictures. Hope you have better luck out there!

Patent Troll Alert! Once again, we have a patent troll on the prowl! This time, they are not after the console makers, but after WIzards of the West Coast. They are claiming that Magic: The Gathering Online is breaking their patent for online card-based gaming. Between the age of the game and the idea being claimed, I can only imagine this will be discarded, but we really need to come up with a way to handle these assholes. Im so sick of patent trolls trying to make life miserable to those who make our lives that much more fun.

Free Game Alert! You heard me right. Right now, in honor of the game’s and franchise’s 10th anniversary, EA is giving away Battlefield 1942. To claim your game, simply choose to download it via Origin. If you have even a passing interest, there is no reason not to pick this up!

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