Weekly Roundup: 11/15/12

A day late, but certainly not a buck short, things have been exceedingly active over the past week in gaming land. So lets dive right in!

The Bitching that Will Not End: Seriously… when will it end? We’ve been hearing from idiots how bad the end of Mass Effect 3 is since just about the day the game launched, but one guy still felt so strongly about it, they actually made their own ending as a game mod. Seriously… why the hell would someone waste their time on this?

Silicon Knights may Well be Dead: Life has not been kind to Silicon Knights these days. Between their abysmal sales on just about every game they’ve touched and this, it may well be the end of the studio. The lawsuit between them and Epic over Too Human’s development has been resolved… and they lost… big. As of right now, they are ordered to destroy all unsold copies of any game made with Unreal 3 Engine… can you say stick a fork in them?

Beware and watch your Origin Account: Russian hackers are at it again… this time, they are targeting Origin Accounts. God damn hackers… We still don’t know how it is going on so watch yourselves out there.

And finally, I would like to end this news session on a happy note. Microsoft, shockingly, made a mint already on Halo 4. $220 Million in just the first day? Holy shit and congratulations!

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