Noted Releases III

Finally, a small breather. This week has been a bit leaner for releases to catch our eye then the past few, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened. In fact we are sure a lot of you found these very interesting… or will.
Brutal Legend: Remember this title? It came out several years ago on the 360 and the PS3… and was one of those “love it or hate it” titles that tends to spark debates very easily. Some players felt the game was amazing with the world it assembled, cast of voices, and absolutely amazing soundtrack. Others lamented that they were promised an adventure game, but given an odd hybrid that mixed RTS levels into the middle of it. Yet more just wanted to support DoubleFine’s effort against Activision, who was being one of the biggest dicks I personally have ever seen over this game. But whatever your opinion, you could not ignore the existence of this game. Now, without the big publishers involved at all, the game is available for PC as well… both at the starting price of a new copy on console or with that soundtrack for an additional $5. If you were worried that a controller would make those RTS parts unfun, you might want to check this out. This game being released through Steam, but is available to purchase at most digital retail sites.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment: Finally, everyone who’s been waiting to see how Atlus handles the re-releases of the old Persona games have seen the last result as the Persona 2 we got back in the Playstation 1 days has been re-released. Sadly, this did not get the same wonderful treatment Persona and Persona 2: Innocent Sin received with a complete rebuild for the PSP. Instead, what we have here is launch of the ROM from the old PSX game loaded up for use on PSN. This SHOULD allow all gamers playing on PSP, PS3, or PSVita to have access to the game at least, but as I write this, it seems there is a bug in the current download preventing it from working properly in the portable systems. While this may be an issue if you planned to play it on the go, those of you who have a PS3 and still haven't seen this last chapter, it might be time to drop $10 and see the last step before the simply amazing Persona 3 that hit PS2 and re-energized this franchise.
Courtesy of Psxphile

And that about sums up the noted releases of the week. Next week should breath more new-blood into the industry but it seems this time was attack of the classics. Enjoy them as you will and see you next time.

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