Get The Hell Over It, People!

Seriously, after the past few days online, this is the best thing I can say. I can understand the aggravation from people trying to play SimCity. It must suck badly that you want to play your new game, but due to the game being online and everyone else wanting to play at the same, you have to wait in a que or worse, plain can’t get in. This is good reason to be upset. I mean, you bought the game, you should be able to play it.

But what we are seeing online goes well beyond the aggravation of gamers who are rightfully aggravated. What we are seeing is a bunch of children who need to go outside once in their lives. Get the fuck over it people, for god’s sake!

Let’s start with the most commonly stated complaint… namely that the new Sim City game is a single player game that is only online all the time as a DRM system. This is an inherently wrong statement. The game was never made to be single player, and in fact the idea is you and a bunch of other players unite controlling cities in a zone. In essence, for the first time in a SimCity game, you have neighbors who actually matter… AND are other players. That means, by design, the game is multiplayer, which means being online is kinda necessary.

Now I can already hear the bitching as I type this: “But then why can I play alone? This is just like Diablo 3!” And the last part would be correct. Just like Diablo 3, this game is multiplayer. Just like Diablo 3, you CAN also play alone if you desire, but just like Diablo 3, you are doing so by basically starting a private multiplayer game and denying other players access to it. In both cases, you are not even playing a single player mode. What you are doing is actively excluding others from your game like someone who has no friends and doesn’t want to play with strangers.

All these people are really doing by claiming the game is single player is declaring how fucking self-absorbed they are. Rather then buy the game they really want, they sit on their asses whining and bitching on forums, Metacritic, and Amazon, about how this game should be what they would make it rather then what it is while being cheered on by like-and-small-minded idiots the net over. And the worst part, they could have the game they want right now. Games like Cities XL and Tropico already exist all over the PC gaming world, and are readily available. But since they want the SimCity name, they choose to ignore these available and generally much cheaper options in favor of crying about how much EA sucks for not delivering exactly what they not just want, but believe they deserve and is owed them. The result is generally making gamers look like whiney little snots and completely degrading the value of user feedback since it’s flooded with this bullshit.

This seriously needs to stop… as a community, we need to be better then such entitlement. And if you feel offended by what I’m saying, good. Maybe, just maybe, we might wake you up. If you like what SimCity offers, get it and have fun… even if you choose to wait while server issues are fixed. If not, you don’t need it. Gaming is a huge space, and I assure you, there is a game out there you will love and give you everything you believe in your tiny little self-absorbed heart that SimCity should have had.

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