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You GOTTA love GOG sometimes… and lately, they’ve been giving me a lot to love nostalgically. A few weeks ago, System Shock 2 hit their service… now, they have released 2 more from the days of old, even if they are likely not as well known. But these are games, that for two VERY different reasons, really should be tried out by everyone.

Catacombs Pack: Did you just have a flashback to the early 90s just hearing the name of this game? Cause yeah, I did. I remember being a kid in middle school when the FPS came to light with Doom and Wolfenstien 3D, but these were not the first games. Before iD had us killing Nazis, they had us flinging spells in an EGA (read 16 color) 3d adventure that would ultimately start the engine that started it all. This collection actually includes my first FPS game, as I got the shareware version of Catacombs Abyss on a CD boasting hundreds of free games, and it was probably one of the first I even finished. If you have any interest in gaming history, you should probably check these games out. This is really where it all began.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul: Wow…. this is one of those underrated gems that should have gotten so much more love then it did. The game sold on being an explorable world where David Bowie was a character… but what you got was so much more.

You start the game talking to a detective who agrees to let you use his body to solve a murder…. not you the character, you the player. But it doesn’t take long before another character tells you the game was a trap sitting on your retailer’s shelf and by agreeing to use this guy’s body, a deamon has now retained your soul in the gameworld. Now you have a real dilemma… how do you get out?

Aside from this imaginative concept, the game benefits from being a truly open world game with lots to do as you see fit, an engaging storyline, and the vocal works of David Bowie…. both as 2 distinct characters and as the soundtrack for the game. Anyone who has the album Hours will know this haunting tune, as well as many many others you will hear in the game. (Yes, this is the actual intro to the game…)

New angels of promise…. we despair….

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