Greenlight Special II

Today we have a very special Greenlight Special for you. Once a month, Valve releases what games made the cut and will officially launch on Steam among the thousands we get to select from. This week, that list has been made available to the public. You can view it from Steam’s own Press Releases here, but in addition to showing you what games we supported this week, we felt it would be worth your time to see both our top five games that are now certain to hit Steam.

Anodyne: A Zelda clone to be sure, this title seems to offer something more, something a bit more twisted, and maybe even from that same part of your imagination that welcomes things like Earthbound in. Whatever else you can say about this game, you can not deny the game looks like it will really be something special.


Distance: Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed Tron, Halo, TrackMania, and a little bit of the old cartoon M.A.S.K.? This game is kinda the answer to that question. The spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush, a free racing-survival game, this game takes it to the next level, adding multiplayer and level editing to what they offered before. I have to say, this will probably be the first racing game I’m looking to get since Blur.


EvoLand: Sometimes, an RPG/adventure game is really something special. Be it the world, the characters, the writing, the action… something just strikes you and you know you are in for a memorable experience. EvoLand looks to be one of those games, choosing the mechanic of time to base this experience on… not game time, but the years over which this genre and games themselves have evolved. With a genuinely unique take to, this is one game I will be looking forward to playing.


Huntsman: The Orphanage: It seems right now that horror dominates the indie scene. Most likely this is due to the wide-popularity of Slender, as shown by so many of these games being about trying to find a bunch of items while a single ominous and Omni-powerful entity stalks you in the cold dark night. However, on occasion, you can find one of these games that stands out for looking to be a great title, despite being a Slender clone… and that is exactly what this game suggests, choosing to add other paranormal plots to the formula and potentially a truly frightening game. We will be watching this one closely.


Surgeon Simulator 2013: And to lighten the mood, we are finishing this list with what has to be one of the most twistedly funny titles I’ve ever seen in greenlight. Surgeon Simulator currently exists as a limited free game in the same vein as QWOP, but instead of trying to run, you play a surgeon trying to replace some poor guy’s heart. To control this, you use the mouse to move your arm, the left mouse button to lower your hand, the right mouse mutton to twist your wrist, and a set of 5 keys to individually move each finger and thumb. Sound complex? It is… but in a twisted way, with cartoony graphics, this also translates into a very warped comedy in which you are the most in-ept doctor to ever walk into the surgery room.

Release a full version with more operations and a cheap price, and I think this developer team has a hit on their hands!

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